Our journey

Right from the start, it has always been our business to make space work harder for you. Be it a new office building or a minor revamp, we have what it takes to craft your brand image into a work environment unique to you. 30 years and on, we still see every project as a blank canvas on which to explore fresh themes. Headquartered in Singapore and with strong presence in the region, we continue to discover new dimensions to the trade, working closely with our associates as well as specialists from related fields to provide a wider palette of services.


To be a leading regional work space consultancy that enriches work life


Through synergy with strategic partners, we create unique and functional work environments

Core values





Masters of the trade

“In art, in painting, you have to do it diligently to get a good result rather than rush everything. Similarly, a design firm should go for quality, rather than volume. Every client is unique, and we want to serve each one well.”

Eddy Lim


Chief master at work, leisure painter at ease. The man who gives meaning to the term ‘The art of work’ — mixing work with pleasure never seemed easier with his artistic flair. We hear clients are more than happy to have their office come alive with his vivid watercolour pieces.

"A satisfied customer may be the best business strategy, but what’s even better, is turning them into friends at the end of the day."

Melvyn See

Managing Director

With a love of the industry and a wealth of experience, there is little wonder why this gentleman will win you over, with not only what CD plus A has to offer — but how we can make a difference to your space and make life simpler at work.

"I always believe that passion makes the difference, and if you ask me which is our best piece of work, I would say, it’s got to be the next one."

David Bay

Design Director

Blessed with an eye for aesthetics and always up-to-date with trends, this is the man to go to for your latest to-die-for centrepiece. Knowing that the devil is in the detail, he takes extra care that every line drawn transforms into real meaning for your space.

Finding the balance

Here at CD plus A, you are never too young or too old to be a part of our equation. What matters is you enjoy what you do here. From experienced mentors to the young and raring to go, we are all in it for the same reason: of creating better work spaces. With strong regional presence, two carpentry factories and a dedicated team of 50 across Singapore and Malaysia, our company is more than ready to take on whatever the project. If space excites you and going beyond boundaries sums up what you do best, write in to us now.

Our milestones