Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU)

Size: 20,000 sq ft

A world-class financial service provider, BTMU is keenly aware that beyond planning ahead, it always pays to be prepared for contingencies. With operations in more than 40 countries, it makes sense to establish a disaster-recovery centre, so that they can respond quickly to restore stability in their daily operations when the need arises.

Singapore was the evident choice for its reputation as a stable financial centre, and BTMU commissioned us to work on this project located at Changi. Because of its proximity to the airport, the centre also serves a training venue for employees around the region.

A picturesque mural of Mount Fuji by the reception area welcomes all as it evokes a sense of the company’s Japanese roots. Glazed white tiles and solid dark timber create a contemporary palette, accentuated by its corporate red colour.

We experimented with marble for the boardroom table top, deriving a classy finish for official meetings. Orange chairs by the side allow discussions to continue informally in the room. In the back end, a bright palette of red, orange and yellow divides the departments with clarity. Everything is taken care of to ensure the stability that will enable BTMU to deliver global solutions to their clients.

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