MFS Investment Management

Location: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Melbourne, Sydney
Size: Up to 10,000 sq ft

Headquartered in Boston and with markets all over the world, MFS is a global investment giant with close to a century of experience. With this illustrious history came the need for more than just well-designed space; it was crucial they move at a speed beyond its competitors to stay ahead.

A special request by the client was to have all furniture imported from the United States. So once the list came in, we took the lead from there and saw the project through to completion, handling all builder’s work. Close contact with our client in Boston was maintained through regular emails and video conferencing for up-to-date progress reports; sometimes with the latter ending late into the night because of the time zone difference.

The sophisticated and contemporary design of the Singapore office became the cornerstone of the other offices in the region, namely in Hong Kong, Japan, Melbourne and Sydney. We travelled to the different sites to prepare the ground; thereafter managing each location’s vendors through our main office in Singapore. Due to the nature of the business, security was stringent and we had to be mindful when coordinating and supervising the projects across the countries.

Special attention was given to the infrastructure to ensure the sharing of ideas around the globe; State-of-the-art technology allowed control from remote locations for staff access to the office at any time of the day, letting client take advantage of investment opportunities in real time.

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