TDCX Thailand

Location: United Centre, Bangkok
Size: 17,230 sq ft

Nothing expresses customer satisfaction better than a client who comes back with more business.

Built on trust and a track record of excellent craftsmanship, our relationship with Teledirect began with their first one-of-a-kind call centre in Singapore.

What is interesting about this latest project in Bangkok, was that the site used to be a rooftop bar, and a double volume space. Our designers rose to the challenge and saw this altitude as an opportunity to create a unique work space for all to enjoy the skyline, while maximising space usage by positioning the rooms towards the building core.

Glass facade cladding along its perimeter let in the fabulous view, while special consideration was taken to manage the strong winds that blew against the building. As client preferred a welcoming and warm vibe to their space, the materials and furniture chosen were more ‘raw’ and casual.

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