Alibaba Malaysia

Location: UOA Corporate Building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Size: 10,000 sq ft

With the aim of creating a bigger strategic e-commerce and logistics hub in Southeast Asia, Alibaba decided on a regional office in Malaysia. And CD plus A was selected for our wealth of experience in APAC.

We focused on whats important to Alibaba: the businesses it had to win over and support, and worked to achieve work place synergy and a globally integrated IT system which are pivotal for its success.

A modern and collaborative work space was the main concept, combined with a refreshing chill-out pantry, and complemented with the warmth of naturally inspired materials throughout the visually transparent office.

One special design piece the dot matrix hanging mobile stands out. Featuring its brand name, every dot represents the businesses it supports, evokes how all big things start small, and celebrates the tenacity of the people behind them. Together, these dots reflect their brand commitment of making it easy to do business anywhere for their clients.

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